MCT Oil Powder - 170g


Our MCT Oil Powder is derived from coconut oil, is easily digested and offers several health benefits. It can increase the release of the hormones Peptide YY and Leptin, which give you a feeling of fullness - a benefit for those wanting to lose weight. The MCT supplement can be an instant source of energy to help you through your waking hours and it can help you get a better night's sleep by lessening glucose swings. Easy to include in your daily diet, you can mix our MCT Powder into any beverage and it's also an alternative to dairy products for your tea or coffee.  GMP-certified and UK manufactured for both quality and purity, this product is non GMO, free of animal products, gluten and soy free and contains only half a gram of carbohydrates per serving. Each tub contains 34 servings, providing a one-month supply of this essential supplement.

  • Metabolizes into ketones to provide energy
  • Dissolves easily into hot or cold beverages
  • Can be mixed with our collagen powders and bone broth
  • Makes a good alternative to dairy products for adding to tea and coffee or creating smoothies

MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) from coconut (70%), Modified starch (25%), Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder (antioxidant)


Medium Chain Triglycerides in our MCT supplement act as a carrier that increases the benefits of collagen. They also help with cognitive energy that benefits your body during the day. Triglyceride powder can prevent glucose swings so you can enjoy a more restful night's sleep. If you're working on a weight loss plan, MCT oil powder helps to stave off hunger.
Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are a form of easily digestible fat. It is found in coconuts and coconut oil. MCT oil powder is easily digested and known to help maintain sustained energy throughout the day. Taken with coffee at the start of the day, it acts as a slow release for caffeine, thereby reducing the craving for several cups. Before bed and mixed with herbal tea or bone broth, it has been shown to mitigate glucose swings in the brain, resulting in a more restful sleep. Customers love adding our MCT coconut oil supplement to our collagen powders for an added boost. It also pairs perfectly with our bone broth to provide an additional good fat to our already highly nutritious organic broths.

We want to make sure that you shop with us with confidence. That is why, if you are not completely satisfied with our product, we are happy to offer a 100%, 90-day money-back guarantee on your first tub purchased from our website. Please see our return policy here.

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